The Chestnut Tree

The Bexham Trilogy Book 1

Autor:Charlotte Bingham
ISBN-13: 9781409057338
Veröffentl:15 Dez 2010
Einband:  Ebook
Seiten: 464
Sprache: Englisch
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"It is the summer of 1939, and like the rest of Europe, the residents of the little idyllic Sussex fishing port of Bexham are preparing for war. Beautiful but shy Judy Melton, daughter of a naval war hero, her determinedly feckless friend, the social butterfly Meggie Gore-Stewart, seemingly demure Mathilda Eastcott, and Corrie Hogarth, the tomboy daughter of the owner of the local boatyard, are all in their very individual ways determined to play an active part in the defence of their country. Knitting socks and bomb-dodging is not what they have in mind for themselves while their husbands and brothers, fathers and lovers are away fighting.
Autor: Charlotte Bingham
"Charlotte Bingham"

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Autor: Charlotte Bingham
ISBN-13: 9781409057338
ISBN : 140905733X
Erscheinungsjahr : 15 Dez 2010
Verlag: Transworld
Seiten: 464
Sprache : Englisch
Sonstiges : Ebook

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